Approval process

School year 2023/24

(procedure for schools can be found here)

Confirmation of registration of the primary school / school canteen in the Lunch for Children app / Conclusion of the contract on processing personal data.

Confirmation of receipt of e-application / Attaching the signed consent of the legal representative to the application.

Processing of the application:

  • we’ll go over the request in detail;
  • we will get to know the family situation of the children;
  • if there is a need to add any kind of information, clarify the situation or describe the next course of action, we will contact the school’s contact person and deal with the matter in more depth;
  • we check the correctness of the calculation and the period of drawdown;
  • if the school was already involved in the project in the previous school year, we also check the status of the invoice – whether we have it, whether it is complete and whether any overpayment has been properly returned to the transparent account;
  • we check the current availability of funds to avoid delays.

Approval of the application
and the possibility to export the draft donation agreement and calculation in the application for the founder.

Adding the consent of the school governing body to the application + updating the period of use and the amount of the donation in relation to the date of the school governing body’s consent.

Confirmation of the completeness of the documents and the accuracy of the information in the donation agreement and invitation to sign the donation agreement.

Signature of the donation agreement – primary school / school canteen attaches a signed scan of the donation agreement with a guaranteed electronic signature directly to the application as a PDF document. It is not necessary to send the original document by post, but it is necessary to upload the signed donation agreement to the application (either electronically or, if the primary school/school canteen does not have a guaranteed electronic signature, then a manually signed and stamped scan).

Payment of the total amount of the donation.

Attachment of the certificate of waiver of payment for catering services according to Section 123 (4) of the Education Act to the application for the request by the primary school/school canteen.