Procedure for schools

Please find below the procedure for primary schools in the school year 2022/23.

An elementary/junior high school entity may register throughout the year.

Applications for children for the 2022/23 school year will be accepted on the Lunch for Kids application from June 1, 6. 2022 through November 30, 2022. 11. 2022. We will then accept applications for the 2023 school year 22/23 calendar year.

Click here in the sample documents for the current required sample forms.

Identify children in need – locate children who may be eligible for the W4W: Lunch for Kids project. While children are not responsible for the family they are born into, the primary recipients of assistance are those whose parents take a proactive approach to addressing their living and financial situation and appreciate the help.

Basic selection criteria:

  • Parents care for their children, but their financial situation does not allow them to buy school lunches for their children, although they would otherwise like to;
  • other problems are also visible in these children – they often bring very meagre or monotonous snacks to school; they cannot participate with their classmates in paid class or school activities such as trips, exhibitions, theatre, etc.; the situation is more long-term;
  • the parents of the children cooperate with the school;
  • the child has arrived from the war conflict in Ukraine and is staying in the Czech Republic on a visa for the purpose of tolerance. This is a pupil of the school on the basis of an admission decision.

The primary school/school entity applies/registers for the project here in the Lunches for Children aplication, or enter the application address directly into the browser –

The Primary School/School will enter into a Data Processing Agreement – GDPR with W4W (this is a one-off agreement, valid for the duration of the involvement in the project).

Submitting an e-application – Applying for assistance for needy pupils for the school year 2022/23 is again possible by the Primary School/School Canteen via the e-application in the Lunches for Children app. The application will then be available for the Primary School/School Canteen to export in the application.

Written consent of the legal guardian is required when submitting the e-application. This is for a minor child and the personal details of the child are included in the application and the donation agreement. After submitting the e-application in the application, the primary school/school also sends a scan of the signed consent directly to the application as a PDF document.

Assessment of the application – on the basis of the e-application and other information, the application will be assessed. Applications will be processed in stages without undue delay, depending on the number of applications received. Should there be any discrepancies or doubts, we will contact the contact person during the processing. With the approval of the application, the Primary School/School Canteen will receive an e-mail with a statement and an export of the draft donation agreement and calculation will be available in the application for the Primary School/School Canteen.

Once the application has been approvedit is required by the Primary School/School Canteen:

  • check the application for the calculation and the draft donation agreement;
  • secure the consent of the school’s founder to accept the earmarked donation (i.e. the obligation of the primary school as a contributory organisation under the law);
  • attach a copy of the founder’s consent or a copy of the deed of foundation to the application in the application.

The donation contract can only be concluded after the consent of the founder has been received and attached and the calculation, which is an integral part of the contract as Annex 1, has been updated. If the wording of the donation agreement is in order and we have all the necessary documents from the primary school/school, the primary school/school is invited by email to sign the donation agreement.

Signing of the donation agreement – NEWLY, a signed scan of the donation agreement bearing a guaranteed electronic signature can be attached by the primary school/school directly to the application as a PDF document. The purpose of this change is to simplify the process of signing donation agreements, reduce costs and speed up the provision of aid. It is not necessary to send the original document by post, but it is necessary to upload the donation agreement to the application signed (either electronically or, if the primary school/school does not have a guaranteed electronic signature, then a manually signed scan). In the last step, the donation agreement is signed by the donor, WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s., i.e. the document is confirmed by both parties and the concluded donation agreement is saved to the specific application and on the Lunch for Children application server.

Payment – once the donation agreement has been concluded, payment of the total amount will be made without undue delay. The status of the payment can be monitored in our transparent account.

Confirmation of waiver of payment for food services in accordance with Section 123(4) of the Education Act – attach a copy of the signed confirmation of fulfillment of the waiver obligation to the application by the elementary school/school.

If you have any questions or are unclear about anything, please contact us of course, we are here for you.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping the children.