Procedure for schools


Applications for children for the 2023/24 school year will be accepted on the Lunch for Children application from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024.

Registration and applications can be submitted by an primary school/school canteen throughout the school year.

Identification of children in need who might be included in the WOMEN FOR WOMEN o.p.s. project – Lunches for Children. While children are not responsible for the family they are born into, the primary target of assistance are those whose parents take a more proactive approach to addressing their living and financial situation and work with the school.

Basic selection criteria:

  • Parents take care of their children, but their financial situation does not allow them to buy lunches for their children in school canteens, even though they would otherwise like to;
  • other problems are also visible by these children – they often bring very simple or monotonous snacks to school, they cannot participate with their classmates in paid class or school activities such as trips, exhibitions, theatre, etc.; the situation is more ongoing;
  • the parents of the children cooperate with the school.

The primary school/school canteen applies/registers for the project on the website, tab For Schools, Login to the application or directly via the application address –

The primary school/school canteen concludes a contract with W4W on the processing of personal data – GDPR. It is concluded once and is valid for the entire period of the involvement of the primary school/school canteen in the project.

Submitting an e-application through the Lunches for Children app – you must have a written consent from your legal guardian. This is for a minor child and the application and Donation Agreement will include the child’s personal information. Once the application is approved, the scanned written consent of the legal guardian must be attached to the appropriate application in the application.

Approval/disapproval of the application is confirmed by e-mail or by telephone to the primary school/school canteen.

Once the application has been approved, the following is required by the primary school/school canteen:

  • check the calculation and the draft Donation Agreement in the application,
  • to secure the consent of the school’s governing body to accept the earmarked donation (i.e. the obligation of the primary school/school canteen as a contributory organisation under the law),
  • attach a scanned copy of the school‘s governing body’s Consent or a copy of the Charter of Establishment with the relevant section of the Consent marked in the application.

The primary school/school canteen is invited to sign the Donation Agreement by e-mail. You can export the Donation Agreement directly in the application. By confirming the document by both parties and saving the contract to the respective application in the application, the entire application is processed and forwarded for payment. It is not necessary to send the original document by post.

Payment of the donation contracts shall be made progressively as soon as possible. We will inform you when the Donation Contract has been handed over for payment. The status of the payment can be monitored on our transparent account

Confirmation of waiver of payment for catering services according to Section 123 (4) of the Education Act – after receiving the donation, the primary school/school canteen attaches a signed Confirmation of Compliance (waiver of payment for lunch services) to the application.

If case you have any further questions or if something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping the children.