School-years - outcomes

We update our Facebook followers about the latest news and outcomes at our Facebook. Below you will find details of the outcomes from previous years.

2015/16: Lunches4Kids project concludes the third school year outcomes. „In 2015/2016 school year we succeded to help 3286 children from 664 elementary schools throughout the Czech Republic, which is 1192 supported children more than the last school year“ informes Ivana Tykač, the initiator and the director of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o. p. s.

The number of supported children and schools thus increased by a third, whereas the total amount paid rose over 10 milion crowns, which is nearly twice the increase compared to the previous school year. It is due to the fact, that we had been paying the lunches to much higher number of children from the very beginning of the school year. 


2014/15: In the 2014/2015 school-year, the project continued successfully and helped a total of 2 092 children from 458 elementary schools across the Czech Republic.

During the 2014/15 school-year, we spent a total of 5,238,901 CZK, and the balance on our transparent account as of 29th June 2015 amounted to 1,960,674.48 CZK. Zoom gallery


Lunches4Kids was launched on 12th September 2013. After the initial administration, the first children began having lunches funded by our project on 1st October 2013. Below you will find a chart summarising the past school-years. 


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