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At the beginning of school-year 2014/15 we launched a public campaign Lunches4Kids – “Help us nourish children with food and love”. The goal of the campaign was to raise public awareness about these issues and help all children in need to enjoy lunch together with their peers. The more people support Lunches4Kids, the fewer starving children there will be in the Czech Republic. Thanks to media support, the campaign is still ongoing in school-year 2015/16.

The whole campaign was designed by Comtech agency; Punk Film team took care of the production; the video spot was directed by Matěj Balcar, music was composed by Jan Kleník. Actor Karel Heřmánek provided his distinct voice and thus joined the legion of volunteers supporting Lunches4Kids. Photographs for the campaign were taken by Anna Kovačič.

Special thanks go to Prague 1 Municipality and Elementary School Nám. Curieových which let us use their premises and school canteen for filming.

The campaign, which is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, also involves television and radio spots. How do you like them? Will you join us?

Our warm thanks go to all who participated in the development, production, and launch of our public campaign!


About the project


About the project

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