Providing children with lunches is our mission. We assess each request for assistance individually, in order to determine whether the main reason children are missing out on lunches in school really has to do with their parents’ financial situation, and closely cooperate with school principals and teachers. Therefore, you can rest assured that every single penny of your donation goes where it is needed most.

If you want to become our sponsor, simply choose an amount and send it to our transparent bank account.

To give you an idea, the average monthly costs of lunches for one pupil amount to 500 CZK (details in the map bellow), as our survey has shown, depending on the particular region, school, and the pupil’s age.

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We will be equally grateful for your one-off donation or your regular support. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot link your support to individual beneficiaries, in order to protect the children’s anonymity. Assistance is distributed through partnerships with schools.

We like to keep in touch with our donors, so that your support does not remain anonymous and transparency can be maintained throughout the project to the greatest possible extent. If you like, please drop us a line. Besides access to the Transparent Bank Account, we enable each donor to track the use of the donations, to ensure they are only used to fund children’s lunches. Feel free to arrange a meeting with us to see for yourself.

Another way to keep updated is our online Newsletter WOMEN FOR WOMEN which we publish at the end of each month.

Transparent Bank Account number:


IBAN CZ9255000000000888555999

To give you an idea, one school lunch costs about 25 CZK – approx. 1 EURO.

The monthly costs of lunches for one pupil amount to approximately 500 CZK, which adds up to about 5 000 CZK over year whole school-year.

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