Children’s contests

In order to further develop the idea of Lunches4Kids, we came up with the idea of organising children’s literary and arts contests. We approached various schools, and the contests were open to all children and classrooms, not just those involved in our programme.

Besides more extensive and interesting collaboration with schools, we were curious about how the contests would be received by children. Besides the artistic aspect of their works, we wanted to see what they would tell us about school lunches. Therefore we chose themes such as “Me and My School Lunch” and “My Christmas Dinner”.

We did learn a lot of interesting things indeed. Some works were rather amusing, others made us reflect upon their message and inspired our future work. Let us paraphrase a statement by a girl who accompanied her picture by the following commentary: 

“I admire your willingness to help. If I were as rich as you, I would hardly think of starving children....”


We really enjoy organising the contests and sharing their outcomes at our website. How do you like them?


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About the project

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