About the project

About the project

Lunches4Kids is one of several projects run by WOMEN FOR WOMEN charity which helps women (and possibly men) who are faced with a situation in life which they cannot cope with on their own, but are actively trying to solve their problems. Detailed information about WOMEN FOR WOMEN and its projects can be found at www.women-for-women.cz.

The project was launched by Ivana Tykač, director of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, on 12th September 2013, following the Czech Television reportage on starving children (168 hod programme, Sunday 8th Sep, 2013).

Lunches4Kids’ goal is to help children who, due to their parents’ situation, cannot afford to pay for their lunches in school canteens. We support children whose situation is long-term, have no prospect of improvement, and for whom a lunch in a school canteen is often the only regular warm meal, in spite of their parents’ effort to improve their situation.

We work in partnership with elementary schools, and sometimes canteens, which are independent semi-budgetary organisations. On principle, we never provide direct financial support to the children’s families.

Assistance is administered through elementary schools on a donation agreement basis so that lunches reach the children in need without complicating their parents’ situation, and the assistance cannot be abused. This requires close and active collaboration with elementary schools. School principals, with teachers’ support, identify children in need, using their long-term teaching experience. Every request is discussed individually with the school in question. Our assistance covers lunches until the end of the school-year. Lunches4Kids is a nationwide project; any school is welcome to apply.

Lunches4Kids does not address nutritional issues alone; it helps children in two major ways:

1.    Meals in schools provide children with regular, balanced, and warm meals.

2.    Children who cannot afford lunches due to financial reasons are at risk of being socially excluded by their peers.

To our great satisfaction, the first stage of our project, i.e. school-year 2013/2014, has shown that some children involved in the project demonstrated increased school attendance and improved outcomes. The project continues to regularly provide us with new findings.


On principle, we never provide direct financial support to the children’s families; we work through partnerships with elementary schools, sometimes canteens, which are independent semi-budgetary organisations.

We protect the identity of children involved in the project. Their anonymity is guaranteed; we never disclose the names of children or families we help support. The schools which these children attend are of course aware of who the beneficiaries are but respect our strict non-disclosure rules when administering support. Our project relies on utmost confidence in this respect.

Donors do not support individual children; their donations go to the project itself, and assistance is distributed as needed. Donations may be, after individual consultation, directed to a particular region. Funding is only provided to a school after all the approvals and donations contracts are processed

Elementary schools do not return any remaining deposits at the end of the school-year; they use the surplus payments for the children in question in the following period. This is stated in the donation agreement.

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